A 1914 model Bleriot XI

This news article was found by Dover Historian, Phil Eyden. It is a news item from the Dover Model Aero Club, and shows a newly completed scale model of a Bleriot XI that was scratch built by club member Mr. Sargeant. The club was based at 44, Oswald Road.

On finding it, Phil wrote to us saying: "I attach a photo taken from the 10th October 1914 edition of 'Flight'. It's a lovely model - probably long since ditched or destroyed, but you never know. If by some miracle it still exists it would be a lovely display piece!"

Further investigation by Phil has found that it was donated to the Dover Museum, where it was displayed for many years. Unfortunately it was destroyed during WW2 when shells hit the old Dover Museum. As can be seen it is an early version with the 3 cylinder Anzani radial engine, tent frame pylon, and rear wheel, but no mention as to what scale it was built.

Now, our splendid model, built by Peter Paine of the local Bloobirds Model Aero Club, can rightfully take centre stage at the Dover Transport Museum with the earlier 'Ramada' Bleriot XI and the Blackburn 'Type D' model monoplanes.

In fact, the 'Ramada' Bleriot XI was specially built for the Ramada Hotel at Whitfield, presumably for the 2009 Bleriot Centenary, where it was displayed in the then Bleriot Restaurant. It was by pure chance, that during redecoration of the restaurant a few years ago, that a member of the Museum happened to ask the whereabouts of the model. He was told that it had been thrown away, because the restaurant was being renamed. It was eventually found in a skip behind the hotel, and subsequently restored by Museum members.